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Gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My icon for this post is a foretelling of my future methinks. [Aug. 28th, 2011|09:42 pm]
[I'm at: |Mahaffey Drive, Richmond]
[Feeling: |indescribableI mean too many moods at once.]
[Listening to: |Hang on in There by Queen was starting at post time heh.]

So yeah it's been a while right?
This summer was crazy in some ways but not so much in others.
The first half of my summer was more relaxed unfortunately.
I say unfortunately because it was supposed to mostly client work.
Yeah, um my clients except for my assessment case didn't really show up a lot.
See at all.
I still got credit for my 'practicum' time this summer though, that's good I guess.
The other half of my summer was taken up by completing 3 classes.
Classes that are usually at least semester length--
yeah I did 'em in 5 1/2 weeks.
I wasn't working though, living on savings and whatnot woot.
Maybe it did me good though since my summer GPA was a 4.0.
My overall grad school GPA is now 3.72 though.
Also, for those readers of my last entry, I have a percentage update.
I am now 69 percent complete with a master's in clinical psychology.
Oh my gosh.
This is going to be the biggest year of my academic/professional life thus far.
Hence the icon.
I'm only one week into the academic year but I can tell it's going to be intense.
I'll manage though, even if it means sacrificing some things, I'll manage.
I have a sort of big interview this Tuesday.
It's for an internship that I sought out for spring.
The internship is one that I wanted to secure in case I don't a different one.
My current practicum placement offers one paid internship next spring,
and well, if I don't get it,
the other place is one where a grant funded stipend is possible.
I'm trying to get more information on that though.
It's also one that could lead to a job after graduation.
The paid internship would be great though and could lead to a job too who know?
The two locales are different settings in key ways though so we'll see.
My research project needed for graduation is plodding along too.
I met with a professor who's now basically my adviser.
He's helping me fine tune stuff and likes my idea.
I hope to maybe this semester but definitely next term get my data for things.
Research was my best choice for my final thing.
I did not want to do a thesis.
I'd have to pay for an extra related class both in time and money I won't have.
Research though is something I felt I was lacking before this program
and having it now shows I can do it if I do (maybe) one day pursue a doctoral degree.
Personal life wise, well there isn't one to speak of really.
I mean I still have my friends, family, etc but no romance.
Hopefully certain friend dramas will be over for good or are over soon.
My family's okay too, no real catastrophes as of late.
It's not like I have the time for a guy though.
I do still sometimes get lonely,
and I'm still realizing more and more about my romantic psyche.
For example, a girl in my grad program wanted to go see a certain movie recently.
It was a movie she vocally said her boyfriend wouldn't want to see,
this then was only chance to see it since he wasn't around.
I personally wouldn't have needed a boyfriend to see a movie like that one.
I would go alone (like I've done with other movies) without hardly a thought.
I use the phrase 'romantic psyche' because I believe it exists.
People have many parts to their psyches,
and things related to their romantic outlook are part of it.
Of course, these revelations are in addition to other parts of myself.
I'm starting to take a bit better care of myself in certain physical ways too.
I don't know how successful these plans will be but we'll see in the long run right?
I guess that's it now.
I'm going to wind down this week/weekend to prepare for another big week.
My weeks are going to run the same pattern as one of my classes I think.
The pattern/schedule being Sunday to Saturday.
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*yawn* [May. 30th, 2011|07:47 pm]
[I'm at: |Mahaffey Drive, Richmond]
[Feeling: |blankblank]
[Listening to: |tonight's Jeopardy episode]

I am currently about 52 percent finished with my master's program.
I was halfway finished around May 5th but I have summer sessions this year.
Those started about 3 weeks ago, hence the slightly more than half percentage.
The first part of summer is all client interaction/work.
Then classes and client work makes up the second half of things.
My second grad school semester grades weren't as great as the first one's.
I still have a very respectable GPA, albeit one lower than I prefer.
I'm finishing up watching Torchwood this week on netflix instant.
I plan to watch the new season/series of it on line this summer.
I also have chosen Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip for my next netflix choice.
It seems I've grown addicted to seeing Bradley Whitford on my TV, PC, etc.
This show is also the only one of Aaron Sorkin's TV shows I've not watched.
Personally, I'm okay too I guess.
I had a very depressing/anxiety provoking night 3 weeks ago but I'll live.
I worked on my dream control story a few weeks ago and might again soon.
I had a few odd dreams lately that may help provide some details, etc.
Apparently it only takes a little bit of things for my subconscious to go haywire.
A girl in my master's program got engaged this weekend.
She really wanted it to happen sooner rather than later so yay her. :)
A friend of mine from high school married two weeks ago.
I'm happy for her as well.
Family life's been boring.
I guess I'm even more boring out of classes than in/having them.
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Is it weird to sort of like the idea of a kid making Kafka inspired jokes/comments before puberty? [Apr. 9th, 2011|07:58 pm]
[I'm at: |Mahaffey Drive, Richmond]
[Feeling: |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[Listening to: |To Make You Feel My Love by Billy Joel]

I have just about a month left of my second semester/first year of grad school.
This semester hasn't been nearly as anxiety inducing/life choice re-examining as the first.
However, there of course have been moments where stress shows its ugly head.
For example, a clinic/client time freak out I had yesterday.
I found a way today to record at least half of that stress away but still ugh. :|
Other times include some grades I've gotten lately.
The professor hasn't told me I suck though and he claims we're all doing really well.
We'll see.
I was chosen to be one of the two practicum people at the campus counseling center.
I hope I serve as a good enough counselor to older clients.
[For those of you uninformed, my clients this term have mostly been 11 and under in age.]
The weather in my area of the world continues to be weird.
Two weeks ago half the week was too cold for April.
This week we had one stormy afternoon/evening and one almost storm today.
Yet now it's imitating a gorgeous spring afternoon.
The private night of trivia and food went as well as could have last month.
I still have questions about the guest from it's actions.
I know he's very different emotionally than most
It's just among other queries,
why would he stay until 2am without any complaints, questions, etc?
We also didn't even get to finish the trivia game that was the plan for the night.
(Yay for being able to talk fairly nonstop for +/- 9 hours yet I still want more?)
I declared that I was the ultimate trivia champion then (he refuted this).
I suggested maybe doing this (trivia/food) again and he said maybe.
Oh well, it's not like I've been dwelling on it.
Grad school is my biggest focus right now.
I'm planning to do a research project, tomorrow I will email a professor about it.
I'd much rather do that instead of a huge thesis project.
I still would have research in my experiences in case I *gasp* change and want a PhD/PsyD.
I just don't have to kill myself with what all a thesis involves.
My research interest is sort of neat I think:
What if any correlation exists between people's self reported personality traits
and the personality characteristics they report in their musical favorites?
I would use questionnaires with rating scales and maybe put them on line.
It'd be nice to essentially do a study from home during my internship/practicum semesters.
Plus, the undergraduates I'd use as 'guinea pigs' could earn their credits from 'home.'
It's a win-win for both parties involved really.
Netflix has been acting weird lately, taking longer than usual to receive/send out DVDs.
I'm glad I have some good choices on my instant list.
Any input from you,live journal people on which to watch first would be great.
Among other movies and shows, I'm deciding between these three:
Torchwood, Eureka or Twin Peaks ?
I watched De-lovely earlier today mostly out of a Kevin Kline fan-ness.
:) It was still really good though, Ashley Judd was surprisingly great too.
I just really want to watch the last 18 episodes of The West Wing sooner, not later.
The best stuff with one of my now favorite couples ever is just +/- 8 episodes away.
Today's a huge day for doing nothing thankfully.
Tomorrow it's back to 'reading and stressing' as well as papers to work on this month.
Then it's finals time and I have classes, etc all summer.
Hopefully it won't as much I as worry is going to happen but still.
My last news is that my eyes are the same as they were two years ago.
Yay for still having 20/20 in one eye and 20/70 in the other. :P
I was given a new prescription though in case I want new frames soon.
I've had my current ones for about 4 years I think (a record for me).
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I can count on two hands the number of songs that would make up a soundtrack of *you* ... [Mar. 5th, 2011|11:57 pm]
[I'm at: |Riverview Lane, Prestonsburg]
[Feeling: |moodyI'm a mix of moods actually...]
[Listening to: |Shelia Take a Bow by The Smiths]

I've not updated in over a month.
Either my life has been way too boring to warrant an update or I've been too busy.
Choose whichever conclusion you want beloved live journalonians...
I'm choosing my second practicum assignment/site soon in grad school.
I mentioned being interested in two area comprehensive care centers.
I put a 3rd choice of going back to the elementary school I'm at now.
I'm really starting to make progress with a few of the kiddos. :)
I also as my 2nd choice, stated an interest in the campus counseling center.
I know a good friend of mine is wanting that site too.
Turns out, that center offers up to two practicum assignments.
I was told to send a letter of interest and my resume or vitae to the contact person.
As a result, I sort of have homework over spring break this week.
Tuesday/Wednesday my house will be pretty quiet so that will be my time to work on those methinks.
As busy as this semester has been, I *gasp* can stand a bit more busy.
I should be more busy in fact given the new clients I'm trying to work with.
Sadly, all I've been able to do is leave voice-mails constantly for both.
If they don't get on the ball to call me back, I worry for how summer's going to go.
(One of my summer session classes is basically all client work/interaction.)
The weather's finally cleared up it seems--well mostly.
Of course being in the state I'm in, that doesn't mean crazy weather stays away.
Case in point is the crazy wind/rain that we experienced earlier this week.
It's been ugly rainy all day today and tomorrow it's supposed to be around 40 degrees.
Bring on spring please!
I've worked some more on my novel idea.
The story is up to almost 61 typed pages now and I got some new inspiration driving home yesterday.
It's a bit of angst/drama but it needs to be expressed I think.
It will lead to showing two characters' connection--maybe.
On Singles Awareness Day last month,
I invited a friend over for a private just us trivia night.
It's not due to happen until later this month because of schedules.
The friend is a guy I feel a strong connection with,
and have had serious romantic feelings for in the past.
*I may always have slight versions of these too I think.*
I want to know for good if the connection is just our common interests, one sided or ...
He did agree to the just us trivia and possibly food night,
he also made some questionable actions when we last hung out with friends and other places.
I have a bad habit of reading too much into his actions though.
The night after he agreed to the time, I had a dream he died.
Or rather it was implied he was dead.
Either way, the funeral/wake/etc was in a room that reminded me of where we went to prom.
A death dream means (among other things) a relationship change.
:| *sigh*
Spring break is this week though as I mentioned before.
I have a few errands to do,
but it's going to be a week of sleeping late and not much else. :D
I also have dinner plans with at least two pals, one I've not seen in months.
She's engaged--yay her. :)
She used to be a best friend, we're still close but not as much.
However, I also think: oh my gosh ugh people I went to high school need to STOP!
They need to stop getting engaged/married/pregnant/any combo of the three.
I think that's it for now, this is longer than it should of been.
*cursed ramblings about you know who* :S
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It sucks that one of my favorite colors is one that definitely doesn't look good on me. :| [Jan. 23rd, 2011|01:27 am]
[I'm at: |Mahaffey Drive]
[Feeling: |coldcold because winter sucks]
[Listening to: |Primeval series 4, episode 4]

So yeah.
I ended up getting the full time graduate assistant job that I wanted.
Something happened and the other person didn't/couldn't take the job.
Woot for getting partial grad school tuition help. :)
I even get a refund from the one loan I took this year.
I plan to save it up to use for a later semester or to start paying the loan back or...
I'm going to be very busy this semester but I have plans for handling it.
Of course when things randomly spring up to change my plans then I hate it.
You know these snow delay days or random decisions that I have more to do each day.
Those sort of things drive me up the wall in annoyance.
Luckily, I've been using most of the changes to act for the better.
For example, my most recent day of work in my practical experience was cut short an hour.
Snow/worry of snow coming strikes a lot of fear into school systems in my area.
I used the extra hour to go grocery shopping and then got digital cable/a DVR installed.
The DVR has come in handy already.
The digital cable's nice too,
having music only channels again makes me remember some of my better high school days.
Good thing I did too considering the icy parking lots yesterday.
I think unfortunately that I may always have feelings for a certain person.
They may not be as extreme as they used to be but ugh.
Life otherwise is fairly normal, freezing cold but normal.
My dad visited my apartment last week with his wife and her daughters.
They loved the place and we went out to eat for the younger one's b-day.
I read an entire book yesterday in about 6 hours.
It was good and very well needed since I know I won't be reading a lot for fun this term.
I'm almost through with season 2 of Veronica Mars.
I'm enjoying it well enough. :)
I'm still posting weekly blog updates on my creative site.
I also have planned out a few more details on my hopes to be a novel story.
I have nothing else really.
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When do old friends become simply acquaintances and then nothing at all to us? [Dec. 20th, 2010|11:29 pm]
[I'm at: |Prestonsburg, KY]
[Listening to: |It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane by The Ark]

Semester one of grad school is over.
I survived with much better grades than I expected to get.
Of five grades, 80 percent were A's and then the one B was in stats.
Turns out I do pretty well at administering therapy, assessments, etc.
Oh and I'm quite the ethical decision maker.
I earned a perfect score on my final in my 'Professional Concerns' course.
Now I'm enjoying my three week break that started on Friday.
I got a part time departmental grad assistant job for next semester too.
I applied for two full time ones too but didn't get my ideal one. :|
The full time one would help defray some tuition costs.
I'm going to accept the part time one but still look for a full time one.
In five days it will be Christmas.
I don't know, that holiday just isn't as exciting or awesome when you get older.
Or rather, when you get older and you're single. :/
I'm still fairly happy for my best friend and her guy.
Just today though I was told that another girl from my high school class is preggers.
She's been married for about 18 months to my brother's best friend.
My brother's seven years older than me.
I've been updating my writer's blog fairly regularly these last weeks.
I counted up the writings I have left to post if I keep the one per week trend.
I have almost a year's worth and that's if I don't ever write another 'drabble'
and if I don't post my more adult stories and one under 300 word piece I like.
The blog is located here just in case, well yeah just in case:
I'm still going through bouts of a Josh/Donna obsession.
The West Wing is amazing, but *sigh* they are just as much.
I need to stop getting so into romantic fictional relationships. :|
Heck I need to stop romanticizing fictional guys in general.
I'm talking to you both Joshua Lyman and Theodore Evelyn Mosby.
Knowing my luck, my dream guy will be one of my referred clients.
I think I love both Josh and Donna much as I love the show,
even if they were independent of it or vice verse.
One of the show's episodes I watched yesterday was made 9 years ago.
It's probably even more relevant now given one of the topics discussed.
I'm having a get together of some friends next week.
Some of them who are coming I've not seen (I think) since they got married (to each other).
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"The aim of education should be to convert the mind into living fountain, and not a reservoir." [Nov. 25th, 2010|11:06 pm]
[I'm at: |home in Prestonsburg]
[Feeling: |pensivepensive]
[Listening to: |"Being Erica" season 3, episode 10 playing in background]

It's officially one month until Christmas,
and even less than that much time until my Christmas break.
I can't believe my first semester in grad school is almost over.
I have my first final exam next Monday.
It's not so much of an exam as it is a practice therapy session.
I created a client and have to show how I'd help her through an issue.
Here's hoping the practice I've had counseling friends pays off.
I pretended to be a client for a classmate this past week to great success.
Five years of forensics team paid off I guess?
What does that mean though if I turn out to be a better client than therapist?
I'll be doing practicum counseling work next semester at a school.
It'll be heartbreaking two days a week and I hope I can do it well.
I've also applied for two more grad assistant positions for next semester.
One would (if I got it) pay for part of my tuition but keep me very busy.
I have recently started watching The West Wing via Netflix.
I've watched 2/3 of season one and well color me obsessed already.
I know I'm four years behind it being over on TV but I don't care.
I love all the characters so much, the writing is so incredible and it's just ah-maz-ing.
Considering my love of Sports Night and most things Aaron Sorkin,
this isn't much at all of a surprise.
My obsession over the couple of Joshua Lyman & Donnatella Moss isn't a surprise either.
I love her name almost as much as I love the couple
and I especially love when he uses her full first name.
He's quite dreamy in that show, another amazing man who's fictional.
All of this isn't surprising to me, considering my lonely hopeless romantic status.
I need to stop falling in love with such awesome couples on TV.
I mean considering my terminal lack of a love life.
My best friend has a new boy.
She's over the moon happy with him and I'm happy for her too.
I'm about 70 percent happy, 30 percent jealous if I had to put a number on it.
I fear things are going to go way too fast again with this one.
I even predict things getting serious very quickly and *gasp* to maybe even marriage.
For those of you who expressed interest, I started the writing blog.
I've not updated it in a few weeks,
but I plan to on Sunday with a two pieces to make up for things.
Take a looksie over here, interested parties:
Updates should show up a bit more quickly starting this Sunday.
In other news, Thanksgiving break has been good.
Well, it's mostly been good.
I think during breaks at home from school and went I'm not in Richmond I develop an issue.
Specific environment triggered insomina. :|
I ate loads of food at my uncle's house, met my new cousin, baby Pierce. :)
I also felt very jealous of what my cousins have with their spouses,
specifically the attractiveness, smarts and intelligence of one of them.
Today I also did the homework I had during break.
I gave my mom an IQ test and she's a bit above average.
I don't have much left in the semester both school and plans wise.
I've bought half my Christmas gifts and I have maybe 7 major tests/assignments left.
Oh well, off to either watch some more TV drivel or read as the wind whips outside.

That is how to enjoy Turkey Day break when not stuffing oneself right?

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“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” -Graham Greene [Oct. 11th, 2010|04:14 pm]
[I'm at: |Prestonsburg]
[Feeling: |blahblah and kind of hungry]
[Listening to: |Let Me Live by Queen]

Graduate school is still going reasonably well.
I mean I still have moments where I doubt my choice of career.
That's normal right, to have moments where you think:
"Why in the hell did I think I'd be good as a psychologist" ?
I'm finishing up fall break at the moment, driving back to Richmond tomorrow.
It's been a good break, only having a page of really serious homework.
Dr. Osbaldiston is a sadist--just saying.
I was both complimented and sort of made fun of for wearing this shirt today:
I've read two books in the last two/three weeks.
That's more like my normal average even when school isn't happening.
Yay. :)
I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts for people.
I have ideas/plans for my mom, dad and best friend.
That just leaves my godparents and (maybe) my grandma.
I send bunches of cards out sure but my gifts list has gotten so small over the years.
Tonight I'm having dinner with my mom, my brother and his wife.
It's strange how time and maturity can make it so easy to get along with some people.
Of course other people never mature,
and at 55 think they have a 20 year old's mind.
I'm thinking of starting a second blog to post my original writings.
It's stuff that I just think of randomly here and there.
Sometimes it may be a sentence and other times it may be more.
Anyone on here interested in reading these things if I do this blog?
I miss one of my closest pals from undergrad way too much and too often lately.
Loans + school stuff = bad, mean combination really.
That's it I guess, my life is nothing outside of school and my 15 hour/week job.
I'm hoping the job situation will improve though and I'll get a grad assistanship soon.
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Two-thirds of all used car sales people are sociopaths. [Sep. 12th, 2010|05:49 pm]
[I'm at: |Mahaffey Drive, Richmond]
[Feeling: |tiredmore mentally tired actually]
[Listening to: |We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel]

Well, I've survived three weeks of the more or less 77 week grad school program thus far.
One of my classmates called it mental boot camp and I definitely agree.
I spend at least 2 hours every day reading for one class or another.
I'm handling things okay though and getting all my assignments done.
Of course with my TV shows starting in about a week, that could all go out the window.
I start one hour/week clinic desk duty tomorrow.
I officially get to work with clients in about a month or so.
I'm also going to help once a week with reminiscent therapy at a local nursing home.
Each class is interesting, challenging, etc in its own way.
For example, my psychopathology professor is very, very knowledgeable.
As a result, he presents information in very 'unique' ways.
Cases in point being my subject line for this entry as well as the following:
to be a good flirt, you must be a little bit histrionic,
asking us to determine the functioning level of someone who had just attempted suicide by quote:
seeing them come in and be 'slashed in all the right places.'
I officially now know how to give one type of intelligence assessment too,
thanks to my class in that subject.
I get to learn and administer three other types as the semester continues.
After this coming Wednesday I won't have an official boss at work anymore.
She applied for in April and recently got her dream job in the state.
I'll still have my job, doing the same duties, etc.
Instead of my current boss,
I'll instead be letting another related person about when I complete my tasks.
My current boss too though asked about hiring a part time assistant when she got her new gig.
She asked because of a great student level worker who'd be a great asset there.
The hiring people said of course.
She told me she knows my graduate work isn't going to be in a communications field,
but she wanted me to know the option's out there after I finish.
I got her a goodbye/thanks for everything card that I'm giving her Wednesday.
I'm also going to be *selfish* and ask if it's okay to keep listing her as a reference.
Socially, life is decent I guess.
I'm getting to know a few of my classmates in the clinical psychology program.
I even hung out with three of them Friday at a pizza/we have furniture party.
The people who hosted it are from Wyoming, her and her boyfriend just got their furniture.
She's in the program, he tagged along in her move but finishing up a master's thesis on line.
The other two people were friends from undergrad who are also in my grad program.
One of my professors said that disclosing our field of study will mess up our social lives.
I don't believe him because half the people I tell it to keep talking to me
(even though this professor said that this mention will kill conversations).
In fact, two people have told me they'll need my skills later,
or like one woman today at church, she said she'd be a perfect thesis case for me.
Oh well, now that I've sufficiently rambled way too much, dinner is calling my name.
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another month, another update [Aug. 8th, 2010|01:06 pm]
[I'm at: |Mahaffey Drive, Richmond]
[Feeling: |pensivepensive]
[Listening to: |Hot Patootie - Brian May cover version]

So, I start grad school for clinical psychology in about 2 weeks.
I started a book this weekend about a freshman psychology student.
It's called Psych Major Syndrome,
and I'm finding reading it before grad school starts highly appropriate.
It's good so far, the main character has a great voice.
The first of my rented textbooks arrived Friday--
it made the whole grad school thing official to me.
Never mind the letters of program acceptance, the registering for classes, etc. :P
Receiving my books also made me realize how close the summer is to being over.
It's going to be a good last two weeks though--maybe.
Due to a really crappy roommate situation for her,
I'll be having a guest stay with me this week.
It's not that I mind, I'm really happy to help a good friend out.
I just hate how crappy things got so quickly for her. :|
She really doesn't deserve the b.s. that she's gone through all summer.
I may go home one last time next weekend before grad school 'takes me away' forever.
Then, the weekend of the 20th I'll be interacting with hopefully a lot of hometown friends.
I'll be showing a few of them the 'sights of Richmond.'
The others have been in town before as part of a dinner party.
This time we're just all having pizza.
Then on the 23rd, I have my first official day of classes.
I saw Inception yesterday afternoon.
It was really good and I now have a few details/ideas to add to something I'm writing.
The ending was very ambiguous but I've read one theory I believe.
I also watched my latest Netflix DVD--Dogma last night.
I see why it has such a fan base, it was also really good.
I have become so jaded lately I assume every person my age has a certain quality.
That is, until they tell me different. :\
In thinking about this latest update, I've become quite melancholy.
I guess watching a movie based on John Keats later is the way to beat this funk right?
After all, my melancholy moods lately are almost always romance related. :S
Well, rather lack of romance related.
Today is also a day I plan to clean my apartment.
I do a fairly thorough cleaning once a month.
I also have story details I want to type up on cleaning weekends,
this weekend being no exception.
It's weird how a lot of things in my life are coordinated that way.
I don't know any other specific examples at the moment but still...
I guess that's it for me this time.
I'm fairly sure that the next time I update it will be substantially more interesting.
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